“Nashville-based singer/songwriter, Ben Rector, makes passionate and melodic, piano-driven, adult alternative contemporary pop. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1986, he studied piano while he was growing up and, by his teens, was also singing, playing guitar, and writing his own music. However, it wasn’t until he studied at the University of Arkansas that he began to record his songs.”
en Rector has put out 5 albums to date. His most recent album titled, “Brand New”, just came out earlier this year. It’s really hard not to like Rector and his easy listening, happy pop songs. He’s got this kind of good musician, best-bud quality that permeates through his music, whether you’re listing to him on your iPod or live at his concerts. The song above (Let the Good Times Roll) is from a previous record, but we think that it sums up what Ben Rector does so well. He’s a storyteller who has a gift for writing songs that emotionally transport the listener to another place. We think this year Ben’s going to keep getting bigger and you’re going to be hearing a lot more of him. We’ll definitely be trying to catch him on tour this year. Other songs that we recommend are:

30,000 Feet  /  Making Money  /  Thank God for the Summertime  /  Hide Away

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