Welcome to Genuine Men’s Magazine

Genuine Men’s Magazine is an online magazine produced and published independently out of New York City. Its focus is to report on topics about men’s style, demeanor, health and fitness. Our goal is to offer insight on these topics, while also interacting and learning from our audience. We’re trying to build a community of readers who see a man’s life as a little more complex than the typical, stereotypical man portrayed in other publications. We’re not in the business of putting down other publications; we would like nothing more than to work along side them to help push men to become true gentlemen. We’ve made it our mission to assist men in developing a path to a great life where they are respected by those around them.

Who Am I? 

The concept of Genuine Men’s Magazine began in early 2010 when I was a graphic design student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pa. Our class was asked to create a masthead logo, magazine cover and editorial spreads. With my recent interest in men’s style and fashion, I began creating several variations of a logo of what would later become Genuine. After finishing college, I vowed to keep pushing Genuine further as my interests in menswear and style continued to peak. Being able to help those who are looking for guidance in all aspects of style, etiquettes, and ethics or even just to read articles on other like-minded gentlemen is extremely important to me and is the foundation of Genuine. I lost my father at a very young age and didn’t always have that critical male influence to help me with career advice, home improvements, investing, or finding the perfect woman. My goal is to use my background in design and art as a platform for men around the world to use as a guide to living the life of a true Gentleman. With the support of my family, friends, and readers, I hope Genuine continues to thrive.

All the Best,
Steven D. Elliott
CEO & Designer

Our Ethics

Genuine Men’s Magazine seeks to introduce our readers to brands and products that can enrich our lives and help us become “Genuine Men”. Our commentary is something that we pride ourselves upon. That being said, when we receive products from companies and we are intrigued or feel like it is something our readers will benefit from or would like to experience, we will be sure to reference it to our website with feedback.