The Budget Friendly : The Tiebar - $

Photo Credit: The Tie Bar

You’ve read about them in other publications, but The Tiebar really is the leader in inexpensive/affordable neckwear if you’re looking to start building your tie wardrobe. They offer a wide variety of styles, sizes, and fabrics at an easy $15.00 price point. Along with ties, they’ve recently expanded into other men’s accessories such as scarves, socks, suspenders and belts. Style pros and newbies alike use The Tiebar to expand their personal style. Make it easy on yourself and stock up.

The Building Basics : Ebay - $

Photo Credit: Unknown Ebay Sellers

We know some people aren’t keen on secondary items, but Ebay really is one of the best places to help build your wardrobe. Ties are one of the few accessories that are less likely to be dirty or retain a bad smell if properly stored. Also, with Ebay, you’re able to get high-quality tie makers, such as Drakes or Brioni, at a fraction of the retail price. These ties might be from past seasons, but classic patterns like dots, stripes, foulard or paisley never go out of style. Do yourself a favor and use Ebay alerts so that when one of your favorite tie brands are posted, you’ll be notified and able to place your bid.

The Unknown Maverick :  Ties-Necktie - $$

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We were recently reading a few of our other favorite blogs/online men’s resources when we stumbled upon this site. They offer a WIDE variety of ties from skinny to extra long, and in a variety of colors, patterns, and even bowties. However, there are a few quirks about this site. Firstly, the site isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, navigating their site is a bit general, so if you’re looking for skinny ties vs. a thicker tie width, you’ll have to spend some time searching. The most efficient way to search is to be very clear in the search box (i.e. “flannel plaid necktie”. Lastly, the majority of the ties are silk. While there are some wool, wool/silk blends, if you’re looking for cashmere or luxe quality ties, you may want to shop elsewhere. While there are a few negative features, there are also several positive attributes of this site, as well. They do offer designer brand ties, as long as you don’t mind searching through some bad ones! Additionally, they offer a 30-day return policy, which is always comforting in case you aren’t satisfied with your purchase. However, they don’t offer free return shipping like some of the larger companies. Finally, they sell various classic ties, such as this Paisley or Glen Check , which would work in any man’s wardrobe with a crisp white shirt and a grey or navy suit.

Stylish All-Star : SuitSupply - $$$

Photo Credit: Suitsupply

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about Suitsupply. They’ve been quietly outfitting some of the most stylish modern men of today. If you haven’t visited their website or stores in person, you’re doing yourself an injustice. Their suits are some of the best fitting and most uniquely patterned suits out there. They’re among one of the fastest growing in the menswear realm and for good reason. Their superbly designed stores allow men to really have fun and be themselves while shopping for a suit. Their website is always clean and easy to navigate. You’re able to search by fabric, pattern or color, which makes finding a tie style effortless. They also are a great source of inspiration if you’re thinking of breaking out of your shell. If shopping for ties doesn’t come naturally to you, they make it easy to either shop by collection or season. Alternatively, some drawbacks of Suitsupply are that they don’t offer super skinny ties (most are 3.1 inches). Also, they don’t always have subdued patterns, which may be a deterrent for a man looking for a conservative, classic look. As with most ties, the photography might also skew the color a bit depending on the fabric. We’d recommend checking out some of the ties in the store if you’re unsure. While you’re there, take a look at all of the other things that they have to offer, which is an experience in itself.

Good Looking Foreigner : Berg&Berg - $$$$

Photo Credit: Berg & Berg

Genuine Men’s Magazine and our staff are always looking for the newest up-and-coming brands to introduce to our readers. When we found out about Norway’s top men’s accessory brand, Berg and Berg, we just had to explore the brand. Since 2009, Karin and Mathias Berg have been creating men’s accessories for the modern man focusing on quality and uniqueness. Their ties are some of the most beautiful ties that we’ve seen to date. Additionally, we’ve fallen in love with other accessories on their site, as well. However, with this beauty comes a hefty price tag. The average tie ranges from $75-$85, which might be a bit steep for some of our readers. That price is also almost expensive as some known brands, such as Drakes, so understandably, some men may be hesitant to spend that much on this site. Hear us out though, Berg & Berg is a small brand, and at the end of every season they sell their inventory at a lower price. Right now they’re having a 50% off sale, so their ties are extremely affordable. Who doesn’t love a good sale?!? Also if you haven’t CHECK OUT OUR INTERVIEW WITH THEM RIGHT HERE

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