t’s hard to reconcile the end of the blistering months of summer with the inevitable arrival of fall. You were just beginning to get used to the heat, the ability to wear shorts all day without issue, and the effortless luxury of being able to go out at night sans jacket without screwing yourself over. Transitioning back into fall is tough, especially when you’re still not ready to part with your favorite summer wardrobe staples. This time of year is made harder still by the unpredictability of the weather. How are you supposed to dress when it’s hot out in the morning and throughout the day, but brisk and chilly by the time you step out the doors of your office at 5?
Layers are your best friend when the weather is all over the place. Layering gives you the flexibility to bundle up when it’s cold, and peel off the extra layers when things heat up. Doing so also allows you to still incorporate some of your favorite summer staples into the mix, which will help make ripping the proverbial bandaid off your summer holiday in lieu of colder months ahead that much less, well, painful. Here are two looks that incorporate classic summer pieces with essential transitional weather staples so you can conquer the temperamental weeks ahead with ease.


Take warm weather office staples, like a short-sleeve chambray shirt and an unlined blazer, and easily incorporate them into a put together look suited for fall.


Buck Mason - Chambray Short-Sleeve Shirt - $106.00 - Gresham Skinny Tie - $20.00
Hugh & Crye - Unlined Blazer - $165.00
JCrew - Stretch Chino in 484 Fit - $75.00
Frye - Weston Chelsea Boots - $398.00
Express - Striped Dress Sock - $10.90
Anson Belt & Buckle - 1.25″ Cordova Leather Strap - $24.95


Update your favorite summer tee or casual henley with fall pieces like boots and a sturdy denim jacket. You’ll be able to cool off or keep warm no matter how much the weather shifts


Aether - Long Sleeve Slub Henley - $80.00
All Saints - Garford Denim Jacket - $195.00
NN07 - Five 1774 Slim-Fit Washed-Denim Jeans - $225.00
Uniqlo - Men’s Striped Sock - $3.30
Taft - The Jack Boot - $235.00


About The Author: Rachel-Jean Firchau

For as long as she can remember, Rachel has had an affinity for fashion, and in the past few years, this passion expanded into the world of menswear. Her favorite thing to see on a man is a well-fitting suit, and she takes note of people's shoes like it's her job. Rachel is the face and voice behind Rachel Off Duty, a west coast personal style, lifestyle, and travel blog. When she's not writing, Rachel spends her free time practicing yoga, salsa dancing, cooking, and watching New Girl. She holds two bachelor degrees in Public Relations & Advertising and Communication Studies, and she owns more clothes than she's willingly ready to admit.