he Maine is an American alternative rock band from Tempe, Arizona that first formed in 2007. A fan of their pop-rock sound in the early years, over the last few years the band has developed a more mature sound with their last 2 albums. We all had a phase in our life where we dyed our hair, got a tattoo or piercing, and played in a rock band. It seemed like so long ago that being in band was the dream before four years of college and now the “exciting” task of building our 401k. The Maine have always had that knack for crafting bouncy pop melodies over their now 10 year long careers. Their newest album, Lovely Little Lonely, is the feel good album this spring/summer, that will take you back to that early 90’s nostalgia of sitting in the back of a top-down convertible and driving to the beach with your best friends. After that long day running around the beach, you pull up a few drift wood logs, and sit up next to beach fire strumming away at the acoustic guitar, screaming into the night. The second we heard this album, we couldn’t help but hear the ageless rock band, Third Eye Blind. Not as popular as they once were, Third Eye Blind’s knack for catchy radio friendly hits has lasted decades and you still hear their songs on the radio to this day. Having songs that transcend music is one of the largest compliments you can give a band. We see great things for The Maine and their latest album Lovely Little Lonely. Any artists’ album that manages to get us excited about warmer weather like this was does, is an album we’ll enjoy playing from front to back. If you’ve never heard of The Maine, we recommend taking a listen of this album.

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