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GRAYSCALE - An interesting article on why your farm raised salmon starts grey then turns pink. It really puts things in perspective on our society need for food and the lengths we go to emulate nature’s natural gifts…


STORYTELLING - In the growing technological times, podcasts have taken back the age old traditions of storytelling. Music plays such an important role in society, that we forget what it feels like we’re being told a story of passion,triumph, or disappointment.


LEARN FROM HER - Your girlfriend knows when it’s time to let those things go. Learn from someone you know is making the right decisions.


A FATHER IN TEARS - No father wants their son to be in pain or hurt, this story tells of how a father took to telling his son that scars are what shape us into who we are. Very touching story.

Photo: Flickr/f’thang


CHICKEN’S LIVES MATTER - Abel James talk about how the quality of your eggs matter. Take a look at which little powerhouses you’re putting into your body, yolk by yolk.